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mercredi 24 juillet 2013

*The Best connected World Leaders on Twitter...*2

Twiplomacy Study 2013
The Best connected World Leaders on Twitter

Two thirds of world leaders are engaged in diplomatic relations on Twitter, the latest Burson-Marsteller Twiplomacy study finds.

Pope Francis the most influential
“Four more years.” @BarackObama’s
Twitter picture sent on the day after the
U.S. presidential election has become the
most popular tweet ever, retweeted
806,066 times. Despite his massive
following, his tweets are on average only
retweeted 2,309 times. By this standard,
Pope Francis is by far the most influential
tweep with 11,116 retweets for every tweet
he sends on his Spanish account. His English tweets receive on average 8,219
retweets. Venezuela's President @NicolasMaduro gets on average 4,767 retweets
per tweet. Six world leaders have sent at least one tweet which was retweeted over
10,000 times: Indonesia’s President @SBYudhoyono, UK Prime Minister
@David_Cameron, US Secretary of State @JohnKerry, Japan’s government
@kantei, Venezuela’s President @NicolasMaduro and ousted Egyptian President
The @Pontifex account which started on
12 December 2012 under Pope Emeritus
Benedict XVI has seen phenomenal
Twitter growth over the past six months,
becoming the second most followed world
leader. His Twitter success is dwarfed by
the exponential growth of the Twitter
@BarackObama: Four more years.
accounts of Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro and Indonesian President Susilo
Bambang Yudhoyono, who both signed up to the micro-blogging service in March
2013 and now rank among the top 20 most followed world leaders.

Are they tweeting themselves?
All but one of the G20 governments have
an official Twitter presence and seven of
the G8 leaders have a personal Twitter
account, however few of them are tweeting
personally. French President François
Hollande @FHollande and Brazil’s
President Dilma Rousseff @DilmaBR even
suspended their Twitter activity once
elected. Almost half of the accounts
featured in the study are personal
accounts: 90 heads of state, 61 heads of government and 53 foreign ministers have
personal accounts on Twitter and a third of these do tweet themselves, but only 14
tweet on a regular basis. In Germany and Switzerland, the government spokesperson
is the official Twitter representative for the head of government and both institutional
accounts (@RegSprecher and @BRSprecher) have been included in this study."

Are they conversational?
Ugandan Prime Minister @AmamaMbabazi
is the most conversational world leader with
96% of his tweets being @replies to other
Twitter users. The second most
conversational leader is Rwanda's
President @PaulKagame. Swedish Foreign
Minister Carl Bildt comes third with his
@fragaCarlBildt “Ask-Carl-Bildt” account,
which is exclusively used for Twitter chats.
On his Swedish account (@cbildt) Carl Bildt
is also replying to other Twitter users in
every second tweet. Ecuador's Rafael
Correa and Rwanda's Foreign Minister
Louise Mushikiwabo complete the top five list.

Most Listed World Leader
A sure sign of influence is the number of times a person appears in a Twitter list.
Barack Obama is the most listed world leader appearing on 195,304 Twitter lists. The
@WhiteHouse and Russia's Prime Minister @MedvedevRussia appear on 54,225
and 51,122 lists respectively. The Japanese' government’s @Kantei_Saigai account
is listed 31,401 times. Jordan’s @QueenRania, the UK government @Number10gov,
@CarlBildt: Spent half an hour answering questions on Twitter
following the debate in Parliament.
Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff @dilmabr, Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner
@CFKArgentina, the US State Department @StateDept, Turkey’s President Abdullah
Gül @cbabdullahgul and Pope Francis @Pontifex all appear on over 10,000 Twitter

When did they start Tweeting?
Barack Obama was the first world leader to sign up to Twitter on 5 March 2007 as
user #813,286. Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto @EPN, Belgian Prime
Minister @ElioDiRupo, Canadian Prime Minister @PMHarper and the US State
Department @StateDept are among the early adopters having signed up to the
micro-blogging service in 2007. Most world leaders followed suite in 2011 and 2010.
The last to join the Twitterverse are Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca,
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Slovakia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
June 2013.

Most active Twitter Accounts
All world leaders combined have sent 1,081,728
tweets. The Venezuelan presidency
@PresidencialVen has sent more than 34,000
tweets averaging more than 40 tweets each day.
The @StateDept places second with 29,259 sent
tweets. Venezuela's Foreign Ministry
@vencancilleria is third with 21,612 and Costa
Rica's presidency @presidenciacr is fourth (19,662 tweets sent).
World leaders tweet in 48 different languages. One
hundred seventy-six English language accounts
have sent 316,728 tweets to a combined following
of 52,617,262 followers. However, the 60 Spanish
language accounts are the most prolific having sent
342,121 tweets to 18,158,992 followers. 44
accounts tweet in French (69,036 tweets), 38 in
Arabic (41,299 tweets), 14 in Russian (34,705
tweets), 12 in Portuguese, eight in Italian, German and Croatian respectively.
405 are active accounts, 79 are dormant accounts, 17 are inactive accounts and
have never sent a single tweet and four are protected accounts, namely those of
Afghan President Hamid Karzai @PHamidKarzai, Armenian President
@SerzhSargsyan, Finnish Prime Minister @JyrkiKatainen and Zambia’s
@MichaelSata. 167 accounts have been officially verified by Twitter, giving them a

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